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Announcements (Week of Sep. 11, 2017)

  1. This week in 6.009:

    • Lab 1 submission due Monday, 10p
    • Lab 2 issued Tuesday, 9a
    • Lab 1 checkoff by Friday, 4p
  2. Next week in 6.009:

    • Lab 2 submission by Monday, 10p
    • Lab 3 issued Tuesday, 9a
    • Lab 2 checkoff by Friday, 4p
  3. There were some server problems Thursday night that prevented submissions from being checked. Service was restored Friday morning and we've added an extra slack day (now 8 slack days total) to compensate for any extra late days incurred by the server problems.

Announcements (Week of Sep. 4, 2017)

  1. We are having evening office hours as usual (with slight time adjustments). For this week, that will be on Wednesday and Thursday, 6 PM to 9 PM, in 34-301 and 34-303. These sessions may be a good opportunity to get help setting up your Python environment and getting our Lab 1 starter code running. (Lab 1 was released earlier today and is due Monday at 10 PM.)

  2. The first meeting of 6.009 will be during the tutorial sessions on Wed, 9/6. The presentation on Wednesday will serve as the lecture for week 1.

  3. We will be using Piazza for course-related discussion this (announcements and questions) this spring. This is where to post your questions and get responses from the staff. We'll also post announcements, corrections, etc., to the forum.

  4. You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with all of the course information under the "Information" menu above, particularly those relating to grading and collaboration. If you have any questions about any of the course policies, please post a question on Piazza!

  5. Submitting assignments to the online system requires that you have a 6.009 account. We've initialized the accounts from the Registrar's class list, so most of you should be all set. If you need an account, please send your Kerberos ID (i.e., Athena login name) to

  6. The pre-requisite for 6.009 is passing at least one of the following:

    • 6.00
    • 6.0001 (or 6.0001 Advanced Standing Exam)
    • 6.0002
    • 6.S080
    • 6.01
    • 6.S08

    You will not be allowed to submit assignments if you have not completed the prerequisite by the start of the semester.

    Feel free to email Chris ( if you have any questions about satisfying the 6.009 prerequisite.